Tres at the SLS Hotel: Learning To Trust

By Tsz on September 24, 2009

After a horrendous drink experience at Menage in Pasadena two years ago—I called it the ‘Midori Sour Gone Wrong’ as it almost cost me my dinner and pass out—I’ve been avoiding surprises and Midori ever since. Whether I’m at a bar or lounge, I would always order my signature Mojito or Stella so as to prevent any future unconsciousness.

It wasn’t until my birthday last month that I broke my own personal rule and learned to trust again. Maybe because I was giddy from my carnivorous-happy meal at Animal beforehand, amazed by SLS Hotel’s fetching interiors, or their bartender’s recognition of St. Germain (my absolute favorite liquor), but I gave our bartender full reins to create—provided he incorporated St. Germain in his concoction. And boy oh boy, was I glad I made that leap.

After a few minutes in the alcohol filled vault, our trusty mixologist emerged with our drinks in hand. My friends had a Russian version of the Brazilian Caipirinha and Rose champagne. As for me, he created a updated version of the Greyhound. It was bracing and crisp, yet sweet and light—I was blown away.

Seeing how happy it made me or rather, probably tired from my endless profession of love for the cocktail, the bartender revealed his recipe: Grey Goose Poire, St. Germain, fresh-squeezed Grapefruit juice and triple sec.

Simple. Delicious. Greyhound a la Tres is now my new signature drink.