Ladurée Paris : The Holy Grail

By Tsz on November 10, 2011

Ladure Paris

This photo may not look it, but to me, this is as monumental as the man walking on the moon. The reason is, although I am a bona fide Francophile, I've never step foot atop French soil until this past month. It's one thing to watch Amelie in the comfort of my own room, or ...


Case of the Tasties : Paris Dreams

By Tsz on August 19, 2011

Paris Dreams by Carol Gillott

Stumbled upon these mouthwatering watercolor pastries by Carol Gillott. Don't they just make you salivate? I'll be using them as a patisserie guide to Paris because if all goes well, I will be ordering a Religieuse at Ladurée and many more this fall! {Images by Carol Gillott}