Crunch : 75th Birthday Showdown!

By Tsz on March 30, 2013

Gastrophoria is celebrating Crunch bar’s 75th Birthday Showdown!

To celebrate its momentous birthday, Nestlé Crunch is hosting a sugar-filled bakery face-off, where 15 top bakeries compete by creating sugary concoctions featuring Crunch bars. I was graciously invited to scope out LA’s contenders, which meant an afternoon of chocolate, butter, and sugar! Imagine a kid after eating a full-sized candy bar. Now times that by 10 and that was me!

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect:

Crumbs’s Crumbs Crunch Cupcake
This is not something you can enjoy in skinny jeans, or any jeans period. This boulder of chocolate goodness includes a blondie base covered with chunks of Crunch that’s baked inside a chocolate cake. Add an inch of chocolate buttercream, a chocolate chip cookie and a whole crunch bar and you’ve got yourself a chocolate buffet.

Sweet E’s Nestlé PB Crunch Brownie
This is like the Two-Face of desserts. Not that it’s evil, but there’s two distinctive desserts going on for the price of one: chocolate chip brownie and PB fudge imbedded with Crunch bits. I ended up splitting them in half to enjoy each on its own.

Casey’s Chocolate Royalty Cupcake
You know the saying how dog owners resemble their dogs? Well, one thing I’ve learned is that same goes for baked goods and their creators! Casey is bubbly and glam and her creation embodies all of it. Her concoction is a devil’s food cake infused with Crunch bar pieces, more Crunch in its creamy filling and then topped with milk chocolate icing, two full bars and a edible glitter party!

Coolhaus’s Candied Bacon Ice Cream Cookie
One of the more austere desserts in appearance but it makes up for it in flavor and texture. There’s brown butter ice cream mixed in with bits of Crunch bar and candied bacon, which is then sandwiched between a chewy double chocolate sea salt cookie and a snack food chip cookie. It was like an ever changing Gobstopper: sweet, then salty; cold, then warm; soft, then crunchy. Though the other desserts all put up a good fight, this stole my heart and is the champion in my eyes.

All these treats are available at their receptive bakeries from now till April 21, 2013. Give them a try and visit Crunch’s Facebook Page to vote for your favorite. You may be a winner of a full-sized Crunch Bar!

Bonus tip: all the recipes for the contenders are available too in case you want to replicate at the comfort of your kitchen. I know I will be making that brown butter bacon Crunch ice cream…

Happy sugar rush!

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i ate my casey’s cupcake yesterday. want. more. crunch.

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