Palihouse : Strawberry Bash with California Strawberries

By Tsz on August 12, 2012

Gastrophoria is OD’ing on fresh, right-off-the-vine strawberries.

The California Strawberry Commission, a collective of 500 strawberry farmers, hosted a cocktails and canapes night, celebrating strawberries in its delicious glory. Set in the swanky Weho-based Palihouse, it was like witnessing a fashion show of colorful strawberry confections. There were the classic strawberry shortcakes and tarts, which are always timeless. But then they started to jazz it up with strawberry mojitos and a tart strawberry gazpacho. Better yet were the strawberry bruschetta, strawberry pork tenderloin and the strawberry salsa topped rock shrimp. That latter was the perfect blend of hot and cold, savory and tart—I must have downed 6 of those in the duration of the night!

The night was a food fest, albeit an educational one. David Grotto, dietitian and author, joined the night festivities by teaching us on the benefits of the tasty red gems. For example, strawberries has one of the lowest sugar content of all the fruits in a serving. It also improves blood flow, which is great for the brain in cognitive relay and ahem, for the family jewels. Hilarious and highly factual, Grotto is the best science teacher you wish you had in high school!

Many thanks to California Strawberries!

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