Cafe de Turin : Seafood Heaven

By Tsz on April 17, 2012

Gastrophoria is a pot of moules marinières from Cafe de Turin.

I’m a great believer in non-fussy food. When you have fresh ingredients, it’s a virtue to let them shine in a simple preparation. No fancy sauces or frills needed.

The French must live by the same principle because Cafe de Turin have been serving up impeccably fresh seafood since 1908. Packed with locals, it’s the place in Nice for mussels, oysters—basically anything and everything from the sea.

For an unbelievable meal, all you need to remember is to order:

1. A glass of white wine (it’s cheaper than water there, no joke)
2. Moules marinières
3. Pommes frites
4. Oysters

In a few short moments, you’ll be presented with a plate of plump oysters and a few wedges of lemon. They’ll be sweet, fresh and briny in all the right ways. But remember, they’re just the opening act for the mussels.

Just like a headliner band, these mussels come with much fanfare, piled high in a metal stock pot and showered with fines herbs. The first taste is unforgettable: faint aroma of white wine, freshness from the onions and herbs and the plumpest, most flavorful mussels—cooked to just the right doneness. I promise you these mussels will be better than most you’d have eaten in your life.

The biggest challenge is to not succumb to the urge to stuff your face but enjoy the mussels at a leisurely pace—like the locals in the neighboring tables. Slow down, sip some wine, eat and repeat. Best to eat the mussels with its cooking liquid—aka liquid gold.

To make sure none of that precious liquid gold goes to waste, dip some of the piping hot fries in the pot. It’ll send you over the moon.

Oh, how I envy the French.

Cafe de Turin
5 Place Garibaldi
06300 Nice
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 62 29 52

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mm, let’s plan for little bear soon.. they got some tasty moule frites (belgium style).. and can’t forget the sous vide pork belly sliders! 

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