Foie Gras Macaron and Chicharrones

By Tsz on February 2, 2012

Gastrophoria is foie gras served two ways: foie gras macaron and chicharrones.

Whenever possible, I try to cook from scratch—it’s always better to know what’s in your food as well as save some cash on the side. However, there are several time and labor intensive food items that I would gladly spend money on, such as macaron, foie gras, bread and pasta. Because time, patience and preventing potential frustration are worth their weight in gold.

For a recent dinner party featuring foie gras, I decided to serve it in macarons and on chicharrones for the night’s amuse bouche. However, there is no way I could find 2 days to age egg whites for the macaron shells and several more to salt-cure foie gras lobes.

So, the next best route is to pull a Sandra Lee and get them pre-made. In this case, macarons from ‘Lette’s, foie gras mousse from D’Artagnan and chicharrones from 4505 Meats.

With the ingredients ready, this little number can be finished in just 10 minutes. Delicious and simple—it gave me less to worry about and more to impress guest with. Win-win situation I say!

Foie Gras Macaron and Chicharrones
Serves 6

8 oz foie gras mousse
6 pieces of chicharrones
12 macaron shells
Fleur de sel
Freshly grounded black pepper

1. Fill macaron shells with foie gras mousse and assemble.
2. Spread foie gras on chicharrones. Sprinkle with fleur de sel and black pepper.
3. Serve both side-by-side and enjoy. Now you’re a modern day Sandra Lee too!

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