Berthillon : La Vie En Rose (and Ice Cream)

By Tsz on January 12, 2012

Gastrophoria is savoring an ice cream cone from Berthillon on the Seine.

The time or weather isn’t important—though it’s best to go right after a light drizzle as that’s when the air in Paris smells sweetest. All you need is a few euros for this experience (ok ok, provided you’re in Paris already).

When you’re at the counter, be sure to greet your server with a simple greeting of “bonjour, monsieur (or madame),” and pick two of the most unusual flavors that you’d like to try—this is no time to be conservative! Now, mosey over to the Seine and situate yourself on one of their many benches and enjoy the scene.

I had the marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) and caramel au beurre salé (salted caramel) during my stay and they were magnifique! Not too sweet and flavor-packed, this isn’t your usual ice cream from the states. Chunks of delicate candied chestnuts are disbursed throughout the chestnut ice cream while the salted caramel was aggressively seasoned—picture the taste of the burnt sugar topping in crème brûlée with just a touch of salt. I alternated between the two to keep things fresh—just like diving into a swimming pool after a stint in the sauna (another experience you’ve got to try out if you haven’t already).

C’est la vie en rose.

31 Rue St.
Louis-en-l’Ile, Paris, France
Phone: 33-1-43-54-31-61

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I will reenact this scene to the best of my ability this fall. PARIS!

YAY!!! So happy for you :) Is it your first time there?

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