Ube Macarons : My First Time

By Tsz on September 16, 2011

Before I made my first batch of macarons, I thought they were a scam, price-wise.

The price for one macaron ranges from $1.50 to as much as $3+. Considering they are consumed in one-bite (unless you’re like me and nurse it for four bites), that makes macarons one of the most expensive desserts per square inch-age. Think of them as the Manhattan lofts of the dessert real estate world.

But since I love macarons, especially ‘Lette’s (formerly known as Paulette) specimen, I needed a way around the system.

So I thought, why not make them from scratch? I can make 50 of them at once and ride out the most sensational sugar high of my life. I prematurely congratulated myself and got to work.

First was research. After an intense but enjoyable blog reading spree, I settled on a recipe by Food, Je’ Taime and Bakerella. The first recipe because I’ve tried Christina’s macarons (they were the real deal) and the latter recipe because it had step-by-step photos illustrating the whole process.

Next was shopping for ingredients. At first glance, the recipes ask for almonds, powdered sugar and egg whites. I got them all and a bag of Ube powder so I can make myself Ube flavored ones. A walk in the park.

But a closer reading revealed that all measurements are in grams and the almonds have to be ground by hand. That meant a stop at Amazon for a digital scale and food processor. $200 dollars and a week later I got back to work.

Then I realized the egg whites have to be aged for 24-48 hours. Doh.

My “amazing” idea to circumvent driving an hour to ‘Lette and dropping “big bucks” to feed my sugar fix was starting to look grim. However, I am not a quitter, so I saw project through and aged my egg whites accordingly and followed the recipes to a T.

The resulting macarons were surprisingly good as they had the coveted feet and the characteristic chew. However, the $200 and a week and a half of wait time and work to get to that point was not so fun.

Lesson learned? I will now gladly fork over the money for my macaron fix as it turns out as they’re worth every penny.

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LOL! Great post, Tsz. By the way, there’s a ‘Lette in Pasadena. Super close to your ‘hood.

Oh yeah! I’d still yet to visit—writing in my planner…

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