Happy Mid-Autumn Festival : Mooncake Time!

By Tsz on September 9, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Like most holidays, there is a deeper meaning behind the momentous day (here’s the story if you’re interested), but being a sugar junkie, this is the perfect excuse for me to indulge in mooncake(s).

Soft pastry covering, sticky sweet lotus bean paste and salty duck egg yolk—must say my ancestors got the salty-sweet trend down before it was even hip to do so!

Over the years, I’ve tried (more like gorge on) a multitude of mooncakes. Some are bad, which are either too dry or too greasy, some are decent but very few are exceptional.

One brand that I go back to time and time again is Wing Wah Mooncake. Their filling is always moist, the pastry not too greasy and the egg is salty but not too much so. To me, that is the taste of home.

My inner child also makes note that the metal tin that the cakes comes in makes for a swell Lego storage box.

Anyhow, whether you celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival or not, give mooncakes a try!

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