Chocolate Fudge Frosting : Making Amends with My Food Processor

By Tsz on August 30, 2011

My relationship with my food processor is like the ungrateful little boy and The Giving Tree.

When I first bought the processor, I was infatuated—I used it to grind meats to make sausage patties, crush cookies for tarts, made purees with anything and everything. I spent everyday getting to know my processor.

This honeymoon period lasted for a week. Even though the food processor made cutting and blending easy, I realized it was more work to clean all the components than the actual task of processing. There was the razor sharp blade, the bowl and the lid, each with its many crevices that made cleaning an unsavory chore.

So, just like the little boy, I started distancing myself from the processor, opting to chop by hand and make rustic soups that didn’t need pureeing. Every time I cooked in the kitchen, the processor would beckon me from the counter, but I would look away and reach for the knife instead.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. It wasn’t till recently that I spent quality time with my food processor—the day when I made 100 mini cupcakes. My friends, Hong and Kim (aka the talented Ravenous Couple) were getting married and had requested something sweet for their dessert table. So, I put on my thinking cap and settled on creating chocolate amaretto cupcakes with a chocolate fudge frosting.

For the frosting portion of the program, I found an unique recipe on Smitten Kitchen that uses only a food processor, which was ingenious. Because all the ingredients are contained within the processor, there was essentially no mess. So, I sheepishly went to my processor and together, we made a batch of the most dreamy-and-without-lumps chocolate fudge frosting in under 5 minutes. If you have an affinity for frosting, you have to check out this recipe.

That experience renew my appreciation for my trusty food processor. The cleaning isn’t so bad when the output is more than just for myself. With that in mind, I scheduled another play date scheduled with my processor—stay tuned!

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Amazing! Those look beautiful. Perfect for such a talented couple like hong and kim!

Thanks Marilynn!

Can’t wait to try this!  You did a fantastic job on these cupcakes… they all look to uniform and delicioua!

Let me know how it goes :)  

My fave chocolate frosting recipe calls for a food processor too! These were a hit at the wedding, Tsz! Great job :-)

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