Opening Reception at Starry Kitchen this Friday

By Tsz on March 7, 2011

This month flew by in a blur! I’ve been consumed in painting an abstract portrait of a whale shark, my latest and most challenging commission to date.

Normally, my paintings hardly ever see open air, as they are passed directly to my patron’s collection as soon as they’re completed. But, this time around, I’m mixing things up and thus, excited to present and to invite you to an unveiling of my painting!

Courtesy of Starry Kitchen and my friend Matt K., my painting, titled Marokintana (Rhincodon Typus) will be on display this Friday, March 11th, at Starry Kitchen from 6:30-9:30 pm.

To whet your appetite, here’s a little sneak peak of the painting in progress…

So, if you haven’t any dinner plans already, come on by, say hi and feed your stomach and mind!

And shhh… keep it on the down low, but rumor has it Starry Kitchen will be featuring Taiwanese pork chops, krab cakes and pandan flan (in addition to their famous spicy pork belly and lemongrass chicken) this Friday night. Awesome blossom!

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Be sure to post a pic of the completed painting!

Will do Kevin :)

Ps. Come by BLD tonight if you are in town. I'll be making fish tacos with Chef Diana!!

That's a possibility. What times are you going to be there. I have dinner at The Hungry Cat in Hollywood tonight.

Sweet! I'll be there from 5-9p. Hope to see you there and have a Pims Ragoon for me—my favorite drink at The Hungry Cat… mmm.

Ok, dinner's at 8:00, so I'll try to stop by before then. Any other recs for THC?

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