A Green Dinner: an Homage to Munchies

By Tsz on December 9, 2010

Last month, I had the most expensive dinner to date. And what an experience of a lifetime it was. This month marks the most interesting dinner party I’ve had the opportunity to cook for.

This past Sunday, I was given carte blanche by a friend and fellow foodie to create the menu for his latest dinner party. The challenge? It was in 2 days and I was to include Cannabis Indica infused oil and butter within the courses served.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I accepted. Never mind that I’ve never cooked with the substance and the only experience I’ve had with it was a lone bite of brownie, the opportunity was too fun and risque to pass up. Did I mention there was a Thermador 48-inch range put into play?

So, taking inspiration from all the TV shows (aka That 70′s Show) that referenced the illicit substance, I based my menu on the foods one would want to consume after smoking out.

With the help of the attendants, we set out to revamp classic munchies. The first course takes on cheetos and other crunchy snacks with Poutine. Using ground pork and finely diced veggies, we made it into a spicy Japanese curry that was ladled over fries scented with Indica oil. To finish it off, we shaved aged white cheddar over and sprinkled on chives. Frysmith ain’t got nothing on this!

For the 2nd course, I wanted to pay homage to Chipotle so we made a pan seared flap steak, served on top of quinoa seasoned Chipotle-styled with a squeeze of lime, cilantro, garlic and green onions. To round it off, a healthy heap of sauteed snow peas with garlic and bacon. The sauce was an infused Chimichurri.

After the heavy steak, a palate cleanser was sorely needed. To the rescue was a ginger pear granita served with a Cavas shot and elderflower. Taking a breather, there was no addition of green for this.

For the last course, I took on the ultimate cliche—the special brownie. The host has made little special bundt brownies earlier so I warmed them up and paired it with a bacon peanut butter caramel with the addition of the infuse cream, banana foster ice cream and more bacon. I dubbed it The Elvis.

The setbacks though of having a non-Cannabis enthusiast cook a green-theme dinner is that I had no idea on the correct portions. I don’t think any of the attendants felt the effects, which made for an ineffective dinner in that regards. However, food and flavor wise, I was very happy with the turnout and am already thinking of the theme for the next underground dinner party…

Fry party anyone?

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Too much fun! Who is this mysterious "friend"? Snoop? Dre?

Lol, if he was, I'll share it with the world :D

Awwwwesome post, Tsz! :) I'd like to play with Mr. Thermador 48-inch sometime.

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