6 Course Tastings at Disneyland

By Tsz on May 25, 2010

Lately I’ve been obsessed with tasting menus. 

Perhaps I’ve been partially influenced by Sona as I visited there multiple times in the past few months to get my fill before they closed a few weeks back. Or perhaps I just developed food ADD lately. In any case, I’ve been attempting to recreate the tasting experience at home and wherever I go, with the most recent tasting at Disneyland. 

Most visitors to the happiest place on earth are there for the rides—I used to as well. Being in the school’s marching band since I was in the 4th grade up till I graduated from high school, my friends and I would look forward to the annual trip to Disneyland where we got to spend a day at the park in exchange for performing at their parade.  We strategically planned out our days at the park, sprinting to each ride to gather up fast passes to effectively bypass the endless lines. Food then weren’t so important—a quick trip to the clam chowder stand was all we needed. 

Now, after countless trips, I wanted to see Disneyland in a new light, and what better way than through food?

1st course: Corn Dog
Located in a stage coach near the fire station, this is not to be missed. Fried to ordered, the meaty frank gets a crunchy corn bread batter—heavy on the corn meal for added texture—jacket and it is incredible. Think Hot Dog on a Stick x 10. If you want to feel healthier, get some apples on the side.

2nd course: Steak Gumbo
I had already subconsciously walked to my favorite eatery, as I like to call it, chowder corner. But this day being the day to explore, my foodie partner, Lucky, chose the steak gumbo instead for the next course. A pretty decent specimen, it’s a hearty stew of rice, beef, okra and assorted veggies. But, the clam chowder still has my heart.

3rd course: Clam Chowder
Needless to say, it was back to the OG slurry for me. A powerfully briny potage, wonderfully tempered by the mild sourdough bread, it was extremely comforting, transporting me back to my band days.

After the chowders, a quick excursion to (the outside of) Club 33 to in order to walk off the soup. For those who don’t know, Club 33 is a top-secret, membership only restaurant in Disneyland. I was lucky enough to witness 2 making their way in… evidently, you have to buzz the intercom and say some sort of password before being admitted inside. Tres cool.

4th course: Pineapple Whip
After a few rides down my belt, it was time for dessert. Lucky recommended the pineapple whip, which I thought was a type of taffy but couldn’t be more wrong. Found only in one spot in Disneyland (next to the Tiki Room), pineapple whip is a refreshing frozen soft serve made from Dole pineapples and possibly magic. I am quite sure though that it doesn’t have dairy as I was fine after eating my fill—and I’m highly lactose intolerant.

5th course: Turkey Leg
Few more rides after and a princess makeover (don’t ask), we made our way back to the middle of the park to experience another Disneyland famed food item: the Turkey Leg. Slowly roasting under heating lamps, these mammoth drumsticks are the bee’s knees. Moist, salty (it was like turkey ham) and fatty, it was the trifecta of medieval goodness. As I savagely polished off the hunk of meat, families looked in horror. Note to self: find a discreet location for said feast.

6th course: Churro
Following the turkey carnage, I was in the mood for something sweet again—such is a wretched endless cycle—so we concluded the food marathon with the classic churro. Crunchy exterior, soft interior and cinnamon sugar coating, it was the perfect ending to the perfect day.
Until the next time!

Images courtesy of Lucky

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  • food je t’aime

    Awh I love this post!…now I just need to persuade someone to go on a Disneyland tasting with me lol

  • Tsz

    Merci! I may go back in a few weeks with a group of friends—you should join us and eat your fill!

  • Nomsnotbombs

    You definitely needed to squeeze Pizza Port and a Mickey ice cream in there! None the less, congrats. That's a lot of food. I ate a steak gumbo bread bowl and a Dole whip when I was there two weeks ago, and I was full all day (but may or may not have also eaten popcorn anyway).

  • kevinEats

    Can you replace the link with the following?

    That was an old server you had there. Thanks!

  • Bianca @south bay rants n raves

    There's nothing like eating soup in a bread bowl at Carnation Cafe on Main Street on a hot summer afternoon… thanks for bringing me back!

  • Tsz

    Misty: High five! I shared all the courses with my friend so it was totally doable. And I love Pizza Port! My staple for all the band trips were the supreme pizza. Mmm. Never had a Mickey ice cream though—is it in his form?

    Kevin: Done and done :) Got the link from your blog… wonder why it's from another server…

    Bianca: Glad you enjoyed it! Still as good as ever too.

  • kevinEats

    Just out of curiosity, which page did you get the link from? There shouldn't be anything on my site that points to the old domain!

  • Tsz

    I think I went to the most recent post about 33, then there was a link that led to the eldest post—that's when I copied and paste it for this entry.

  • kevinEats

    Haven't seen a new post in a month. What have you been up to?

  • Tsz

    Freelance graphic design has taken over my life—presentation in 2 hours (ergo, I'm procrastinating).

    Got a few good ideas in my back pocket for new entries though. Broddard remix is one :D