Stinking Rose: Rabbit on Easter?

By Tsz on September 5, 2009

This past Easter Sunday, a sudden wave of lethargy hit my boyfriend and me right around dinnertime. With it being a major holiday, we didn’t want to make this meal into a major production by shopping around for ingredients, taking chance that the grocery store might be closed, then lugging back all the fixings to fix supper.

Instead, we picked up the phone and called The Stinking Rose, made a quick reservation, then drove on over to La Cienega restaurant row to have the restaurant to take care of business. We were not disappointed.

They started us off with a plate of warmed rolls, a glass of refreshing mojito and a jar of wonder sauce. Don’t know what its true name is, but all I can say is wow. A Chimichurri-esque relish made of chopped garlic, parsley, oil and seasonings, this wonder sauce should be in the arsenal of a pixie, spreading garlic joy to all. Add some to a roll, bam! You now have a garlic roll. In the restaurant’s case, sprinkle some on french fries and shazzam! Heavenly garlic fries.

To be fair, their garlic fries wasn’t just great because of the wonder sauce, although that played a major part. What made their fries amazing was the expert way they were prepared by the fry master: a shattering crispy exterior, fluffy magma-hot interior that was not a bit greasy. We lovingly devoured the entire plate within minutes.

By then, we were getting stuffed, but the show must go on. I had their short ribs, which was fork-tender, literally. One gentle poke from my fork’s tines broke the connective tissues holding the tender beef fibers, making the entire structure collapse into the rich garlic red wine sauce below.

My boyfriend ordered their roasted rabbit and isn’t it a beaut? I had heard it tasted like chicken so I had to try some. And guess what, it does taste like chicken, albeit a muscular, “I work out daily” one with none of the flabby bits. The roasted olives and garlic made a wonderful supporting cast for this fabulous dish.

As I helped clean, ok, more like mooched off the plate, a thought came to mind… isn’t it sacrilegious to eat rabbit on Easter, aka Bunny Day? The thought quickly disappeared however as I speared up a particular succulent piece. Perhaps we are honoring this hare by eating reverently.

All I know was that this moment was ecstasy. Gastro induced euphoria, or as I like to call it, Gastrophoria. This the raison d’etre for my blog: to catalog and share moments (both big and small) of food bliss and other food-related news. Thanks for reading and bon appetit!

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I've always been hesitant to try Stinking Rose but I think I'll try it now.

Let me know when you do! And don't forget the garlic fries…

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