Jollibee: For The Young at Heart/Stomach

By Tsz on September 5, 2009

If you were to ask my 7-year-old self what would be served in the perfect dinner, I would have described a elaborate three-course meal. The first course would be a plate of expertly made spaghetti swimming in a meaty tomato sauce—after watching Lady and the Tramp, I thought it was the most romantic dish ever created. After the primi, it’s time for the main course: juicy fried chicken, preferrably dark meat and from KFC cause the colonel knows his stuff. After washing it all down with a glass of icy coke with a squeeze of lemon, the meal ends with a delicate apple pie from McD’s. To me, that is perfection in itself.

Since then, my palate has matured (a little), and yet, I’ve always wondered about that envisioned meal. So imagine my surprise when I walked in Jollibee, pass their smiling mascot and up their counter. There, in the menu, was the dream: Jollibee spaghetti and Chickenjoy combo meal.

I eagerly ordered the meal and after waiting a few restless minute, dug into a grand spread. In honor of my childhood fantasy, I started with the spaghetti, which was cooked past al dente, but of decent quality. The sauce was a new experience, tomato sauce made sweet with ketchup, with ground pork and hot dog nuggets. A little cloying, but satisfying overall.

Next up was the chicken. My, oh my, it was to die for. Although the drumstick may have made its final journey in hot oil, the crunchy coating it sported remain dry and delicate. At the same time, the meat itself was cooked just to the right point, preserving all of its juicy goodness. As a bonus, it comes with a tiny cup of gravy (as if it needed any help), but it made for a delicious pairing.

At this point, I was pretty satisfied, but seeing that Jollibee served pie, I couldn’t resist and sprung for the peach-mango one. It trumps over McD’s version because it was deep fried, rendering its crust to superstar status and its filling lava-hot. Wow.

The kid in me danced a happy dance as I staggered to my car afterwards. Adieu Mr. Jollibee, but I’ll be back.

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